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Project Finance

Development Strategic advice to projects promoters

Consulting in strategic management for companies


      Africa comprises more than 50 diverse countries under different legal regimes. Many countries have commodity/mineral resources that require financing and across Africa there is a wealth of infrastructure and other project financing needs. In the face of such huge needs, there is a huge financing gap across the continent.
         Consequently, the problems and opportunities that affect borrowers and financiers are extremely varied. As a brocker firm, fundraising and facilitation company, we are well placed to provide clients with the advice and assistance they need to achieve their goals. Our structure in Africa is mainly served by the offices of Ebene (Mauritius), Kigali (Rwanda), Abidjan (Ivory Coast), Paris (France) which were created by experts after more than 25 years of professional experience in the management of organizations and financing of projects throughout the African continent and other continents.

We provide businesses with finance solutions which can be tailored thorough our dedicated experts

Services that support your business by demostrating your financial credibilty and ability to meet contractual obligations

We are here to help you accomplish your financial goals deploying our enterprise server solutions